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Accelerate Your Team's Productivity, Passion, and Profitability

Leadership and development in the corporate space, isn't what it use to be. Gone are the days of placated ideas and leading with an "iron fist." Today's teams need leadership that creates trusted relationships while upleveling professional skills and tapping into one's own innate psychological strengths.  Specialize in developing leaders within organizations, helping executives and teams to overcome challenges and ensure success.

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Jen Pasquale
Speaker, Trainer, & Facilitator

As a Leadership Facilitator, Speaker and Coach, Jen Pasquale helps organizations improve their leadership and team skills while creating measurable, profitable results.


Her methodology focuses on blending proven leadership methods with strength psychology in mind to help your organization's teams and leaders thrive. Focusing on connections, collaborations, community with a spirit of curiosity, Jen blends analytics and statical skill set with a relationship focused heart and execution focused mind.


Whether you're building your teams within your organization or bringing up your leaders, Jen Pasquale is the perfect leadership and development partner for you. 

Big or Small Our Work Changes Businesses For The Better


Your Event +
Our Brillance =
Your Success

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It is not often that you have the chance to work with someone who exemplifies leadership and strength. Jennifer does this! She has built an online community that has created connections for military spouses across the globe.
Jennifer was chosen to be the Keynote speaker at 2019 AWAG annual seminar. She commanded an audience of 600+ individuals. Her ability as a keynote speaker and a teacher at an international event serving military spouse and community leaders not only inspired others, but provided motivation.
I highly recommend Jennifer as a leader, speaker and connector.
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