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 "Our company utilized Jennifer as a strengths coach for a full-day professional development workshop for our senior leaders. All participants walked away with a greater understanding of their own strengths and those of their teammates.


I followed up afterwards with a 1:1 session to discuss my attributes and how I could better relate to my fellow leaders. Jen provided insights and advice that helped me in my interactions with others and ultimately led to more efficient communication within my department.


Recognizing other strengths in the workplace is essential to productive conversations and interactions. I highly recommend Jen to any organization looking to enhance productivity and develop its leadership."


Charlene Wilde, Senior Vice President, American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association

“Jen is a wealth of knowledge on all things leadership, strengths, and development. She has a gift for working with emerging leaders and middle managers in particular, and is a true leader in this area. As a client, I felt heard, free to explore my strengths, and gently challenged in the best way possible. My personal and professional development soared as a result of working with Jen to uncover and better understand my strengths, a testament to her skill and knowledge as a leader and a coach. Jen is a true gem of a coach and leader!"

Amy Pitta, Executive Coach & Psychologist

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