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Empowering Leadership and Team Excellence

Welcome to the ultimate leadership, team-building, training, and coaching organization. We have partnered with organizations of every size to develop winning leadership and development strategies. We believe that leadership development is both an art and a science, and we combine proven methods with personality assessment principles for maximum effectiveness. 

Our solutions and coaching programs are not just off-the-shelf products. They are meticulously tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that we understand and value your organization's unique challenges and strengths. Our proprietary 'state of the team™' approach targets communication and collaboration gaps, especially in cross-functional settings, while enhancing individual strengths and talent awareness. We aim to help you achieve extraordinary results and take your organization’s leadership to the next level.

Who We Help

We work with companies and individuals who want to develop their teams and leaders. Whether you're looking to build your organization's emerging leaders or develop your team's connectivity and, in turn, results, we can help.

How We Do It

We specialize in team development and employee engagement analysis, crafting actionable improvement plans to address organizational concerns. Our team-building services target communication gaps, especially in cross-functional settings.

What's in It for You

Working with us gives you access to the latest leadership development techniques and strategies. Our engagement and strengths-centric programming focuses on enhancing individual strengths and talent awareness as a precursor to effective team development. Our approach is designed to be effective and measurable, ensuring a positive ROI for your organization.


Meet Jen

A true team and leadership development alchemist, Jen Pasquale, blends her years of leadership and team development experience with international organizations with the power of practical strengths psychology. 

With a deep passion for clients' personal and professional development and overall growth, Jen's knowledge and dedication shine through. Whether she is on stage in front of thousands of employees or working one-on-one with an organization's emerging leaders, Jen's commitment to excellence is unwavering. She is truly part artist and part scientist who thrives working at the intersection of both.

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