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Innovative Approach to Leadership and Development

Transform Teams Into Powerhouses By Developing Your Leaders From Within

Transforming Potential into Performance

We believe leadership is not just a skill but an art that can be mastered with the right approach. Our innovative programs empower both emerging leaders and entire teams to reach their full potential, elevating organizational culture and driving success.

By understanding your State of the Team™, we tailor our approach to focus on personal growth and team building. We blend proven methodologies with strengths-based psychology, guiding leaders to harness their unique talents and inspire their teams. Our clients transform their leadership skills and create high-performing, cohesive units.

Partnering with us means investing in a future where leadership is a collective strength, teams are resilient, and your organization exceeds its goals. Together, we can shape a new era of leadership that turns challenges into opportunities and potential into performance.

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New World.
New Leadership.

We are passionate about helping others achieve their full potential.

Our founder, Jen Pasquale, has over twenty years of experience in leadership development and has worked with top organizations worldwide.

Jen's alchemist's approach combines her love for statistics and relationships to see the stories the numbers tell and knows how to translate data into action. Blending business, team building, and leadership growth skills with personality and strength development psychology resources allows our work to bring an external viewpoint to your organization's internal problems. 

Today, we also support our strategic partners by stepping into their service gaps and supporting clients, teams, and emerging leaders with the analysis, programming, and team leadership development needed to reach new heights. 

Jen’s expertise, engaging facilitation style, adaptability to diverse group dynamics, and organization made our sessions enriching and empowered participants, including myself, to better understand and leverage our talents and strengths.

A very practical workshop, allowing for personal self-discovery of one's strengths and how to leverage them in a professional setting. So many applications!

Lucy Hutchison, Global Program Lead, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Next Level Leadership

Our training programs, team and one on one emerging leadership coaching are designed to help teams and rising leaders develop the skills they need to succeed. We offer a range of programs, from introductory courses to year-long plans, that can be customized to fit your organization's goals.

Engaging Events

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From half-day intensives to corporate-wide mainstage trainings, Jen Pasquale brings her "state of the team" approach to your organization. By understanding the micro signs to develop and grow great teams and leaders, we combine practical business wisdom with strengths-based psychology in useful ways that create trust, profitability, and results.

Building Teams

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A lot can be done in a day with organization-wide training, but sometimes, teams need customized support. Our Team Series blends a focus group as well as group-style coaching to create innovative and engaging breakout training models, all tailored to your team's needs, the organization’s goals/objectives, your team's strengths development needs all with a focus of advancing relationships.

Growing Leaders

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Our one-on-one emerging leadership coaching accelerates your potential leaders' growth track. By giving them practical leadership skills combined with knowledge of strengths psychology, our emerging leadership coaching creates strong leaders within themselves and for your organization.

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