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Unearthing Your Team's Hidden Potential


Discover the Power of Curiosity in Leadership

In today’s fast-paced world, teams often struggle with disconnection, miscommunication, and a lack of direction. Leaders are faced with the challenge of navigating diverse personalities and backgrounds, often feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to bring out the best in their teams. Are you noticing a drop in productivity, team morale, or even a lack of innovation? These common struggles stem from a need for deeper connection and understanding within the team.

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Transform Challenges into Opportunities

At Lead With Curiosity™, we believe that the key to overcoming these challenges lies in curious exploration. By fostering an environment where questions are encouraged, and self-discovery is prioritized, we help teams unearth their true strengths. Our approach spurs greater unity, productivity, and connection, transforming struggles into opportunities for growth and innovation. Through our coaching and training, we help leaders and teams turn curiosity into their most powerful tool.

Meet Jen Pasquale:

The Heart Behind Lead With Curiosity

Founded by the insightful and compassionate coach and facilitator, Jen Pasquale, Lead With Curiosity™ brings over two decades of experience in working with diverse teams and individuals.


Jen’s unique background as a corporate trainer, one-on-one coach, and military spouse has equipped her with the skills to handle a variety of personalities, backgrounds, and neurodivergences.


Known for her ability to ask the tough questions that lead to clarity and creativity, Jen layers compassion and curiosity into every conversation, helping teams and leaders feel connected, empowered, and ready to lead from their true strengths.

Jen Pasquale

how we help you thrive

At Lead With Curiosity™, we offer tailored coaching and training programs designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. By partnering with us, you'll see a transformation in how your team communicates, collaborates, and succeeds together. Our services include:

Curiosity-Driven Coaching

Yearly and Quarterly Team Facilitation

Leadership Development

Neurodivergent Support

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"By fostering curiosity and compassionate conversations, we transform teams from disjointed groups into unified, innovative powerhouses, allowing each member to lead from their true strengths."

Jen Pasquale

"A very practical workshop, allowing for personal self-discovery of one's strengths and how to leverage them in a professional setting. So many applications!"

Lucy Hutchison, Global Program Lead, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“Jen’s expertise, engaging facilitation style, adaptability to diverse group dynamics, and organization made our sessions enriching and empowered participants, including myself, to better understand and leverage our talents and strengths.”

Jason Wong, Chief Operating Officer - Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

“This session was extremely helpful to identify strengths and relate them to current challenges at work. The 1:1 engagement really built on the strengths survey and helped to make it more effective, applicable, and personalized.”

Mike Meese, President, American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association

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Ready to transform your team?

Take the first step towards a more connected and productive team. Book a discovery call with Jen Pasquale today and see how curiosity can lead you to greater heights. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

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